American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine



American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine has its campus in St. Maarten is an island in the Caribbean.  

AUC – Please see the AUC online application linked here

AUC’s Admissions Committee considers many factors when reviewing an applicant for consideration. These include undergraduate performance and MCAT score and intellectual and social maturity, critical judgment, adaptability, volunteer work, life experiences, and graduate school performance (if applicable).

Evaluation for admission is conducted on an individual basis. We encourage all applicants to speak with a member of our medical school admissions team to discuss their opportunity to attend AUC, including the competitiveness of their MCAT scores, GPA and other requirements including:

  • All applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university.
  • Citizens or Permanent Residents of the US: MCAT
  • Non-US Citizens or Permanent Residents: MCAT, UCAT, NEET, or GAMSAT
  • India Citizens: Recommended to take NEET to practice in India. The NEET exam must be taken in English.
  • Please note that AUC will not consider MCAT scores or UCAT scores more than five years old.
  • AUC looks at both overall GPA and science GPA.
  • Required for non-native English speakers or applicants who graduated from institutions in which the education is not delivered in English, or as requested by the Admissions Committee if deemed necessary to assess success at AUC. 
  • A minimum of one letter from an individual academic professor taught you (science preferred, but not required), and one professional letter.
  • A pre-medical advisory committee letter (if applicable) meets the admissions requirement instead of one academic and one professional letter.
    • Two academic letters can be submitted if a professional letter cannot be obtained.
    • Two professional letters can be submitted on a case by case basis for consideration with an exception request if an academic letter cannot be obtained.