Illume Student Advisory Services Inc. would like to thank all our partners for their support in making our Annual Application Event—this time held virtually—a resounding success. The Annual Application Event held on October 2, 2021, was a testament to the commitment and dedication of our partners. Illume prides itself on providing the human connection needed to help international students acquire the necessary information to pursue their study-abroad dreams. This means bringing students and their families together with education representatives and agent partners in an organized and personal manner. The Annual Application Event was an important day for all educational stakeholders!


Karuna Ausman, President & CEO of Illume Student Advisory Services Inc., has described the event as “a huge success”. She added that “there were 503 registrations for the event and over 65% of those registered were in attendance to learn about the 20 institutions represented—one of our best turnouts ever. A further example of its success would be the 90 prospective undergraduate students who attended the session with the University of Waterloo to find out more about their programs; Many of these students completed on-the-spot applications. We would like to thank the parents, students, and counsellors for joining us, and for providing valuable feedback about the event’s format.”


Thomas W. Young, International Student Recruitment Officer for Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, felt thatthat this was one of the best events of the recruitment cycle. Students were well-informed and had prepared appropriate questions. My understanding is that students were made aware of the procedure for asking and answering questions, which led to students listening and waiting patiently for their turn to speak. Above all else, the value of the support from the Illume staff cannot be understated. A special mention should go to Samanyu who, as always, was present throughout the full session, fielding questions and ensuring the smooth, seamless execution of the event. Grenfell has a deep appreciation for Samanyu and the rest of the Illume team, as I’m sure the students do as well.”


Khurram Khan, International Recruitment Officer at Trent University, stated that “Illume’s Annual Application Event was highly organized and brought in serious students who were eager to apply. With the support of the Illume Team, we were able to help students apply on the spot. This is an annual event I will continue to look forward to!”


One of Illume’s key value propositions for clients is that we assist our agent partners by ensuring they are trained and supported to, in turn, help their students with the application process. Sohel Ahmed, CEO of Osprey Education, participated in the event and began by stating that “[we] have a long association with Illume Student Advisory Services Inc”. He added that “the partnership has been mutually beneficial and highly effective. The October 2nd Annual Application Event was a prime example of the exemplary work Illume does for international education. We participated in the event along with our team and students, and each one of us benefitted. I would like to congratulate the Illume team for hosting this wonderful event. I am looking forward to attending similar events in the future.”


Ganga Dandapani, Vice President of Canam Consultants, expressed thanks for “the amazing support as well as for the quality of the information provided to our students at the Annual Application Event. The students and parents were very satisfied… which bodes well for our future recruitment initiatives. Our counsellors, too, look forward to this yearly event to receive updates from the various institutions. Thank you for this event!”


Renu Mehandaru, a prominent international student recruiter and counsellor based in Seattle Washington, expressed appreciation in saying, “Thank you so much for the informative sessions you hosted for us and our students.” She remarked that “as always, they (the sessions) were filled with answers to questions students ask year after year—and that are so important for them to know. The information you shared with them was so vital and insightful, and encourages them to apply to nearly any of the universities that were discussed”.


In spite of the everchanging landscape of international education, this event has shown that it is possible to assemble virtually for the benefit of students, institutions and educational stakeholders. It remains an exciting time to study abroad and it is our goal to facilitate this process for students who dream of these opportunities.


In light of the success of the Annual Application Event, Illume is committed to hosting similar events at regular intervals. We look forward to sharing information about the next event in the coming days! Feel free to contact your Illume representative to learn more about how you can participate in upcoming events.