St. Francis Xavier University

About St. Francis Xavier University


We believe StFX is home to Canada’s most beautiful residential campus, and that it has the very best academic and residential facilities in the country. Come for a visit, and see for yourself. Over the past 20 years, we have invested some $250-million in campus infrastructure — all to create and support the very best learning envirnoment.


  1. An academic education of the highest quality, StFX focuses on intellectual and spiritual development, global awareness and a commitment to social justice.
  2. StFX recently ranked #1 in Canada in teaching students to think critically, helping students gain experience for employment, and #1 where professors know you by name.
  3. You’ll find hands-on research opportunities that rival (and often surpass) those found in larger schools.
  4. Our small classrooms foster lively debate and discussion where professors inspire you to achieve.
  5. You’ll join a thriving academic environment where community involvement is expected and encouraged.
  6. Employers looking to recruit top talent look for StFX credentials. In fact, StFX has one of the best university reputations when it comes to Canadian employers.
  7. We offer a residential community experience where students live and learn together, and the friendships formed can last a lifetime.
  8. We’ve invested over a quarter of a billion dollars in residential and academic infrastructure over the past two decades — and we are not done! This has created a unique campus that blends New England-style architecture with world-class learning spaces, labs and facilities.
  9. There are opportunities to study abroad at over 40 universities worldwide, or for international students to study here and experience Nova Scotia and StFX for a semester or a year.
  10. Students experience the excitement of receiving the iconic X-Ring upon graduation – a renowned symbol of scholarship and connection to a wider, worldwide community (Canada’s strongest Alumni network)

…..and oh yes… StFX’s legendary school spirit!