We fully support students through the sometimes complex study permit, work permit, immigration and settlement process utilizing certified partners, such as Brillion Immigration Services.

Immigration Services
• International students attending programs at schools in Canada longer than 6-months require a study permit.
• Many students also wish to work or seek permanent residency after graduation.
• As part of our service commitment, Illume has partnered with Brillion Immigration Services Inc. to ensure students receive best-in-class advice for their study permits, work permits, and other immigration needs.

Settlement Services
• For international students coming to Canada, it can be a bit of a culture shock. How things are done in Canada may be different from how they are done in a student’s home country.
• Illume’s service commitment is that the settlement process should be straightforward so that students can focus on their studies.
• In addition to the supports offered by individual schools, Illume has partnered with Brillion to provide Concierge Services to help students get settled (such as setting up important services, finding a place to live, banking, automobile registration and licensing.)
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